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Wojciech Paprocki



Professor, Warsaw School of Economics

Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Paprocki works in the Department of Transport at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). He graduated at this university (formerly SGPiS) in 1979 and followed all stages of academic advancement till he reached the degree of full professor. He is a lecturer in master, postgraduate and PhD studies. He supervised 6 PhD dissertations in the field of economic science.

Prof. Paprocki is the main author and co-author of numerous books and papers published in Polish and foreign languages, e.g. Cyfryzacja gospodarki i społeczeństwa. Szanse i wyzwania dla sektorów infrastrukturalnych (co-editor, 2016), Transport Development Challenges in the Twenty-First Century (co-author, 2016), Megatrendy i ich wpływ na rozwój sektorów infrastrukturalnych (co-editor, 2015), Dylematy rozwoju infrastruktury (co-editor, 2014), Nowoczesne przedsiębiorstwo kolejowe CARGO (author, 2003), Marketing usług kolejowych (author, 1996), Koncepcja logistyczna w transporcie (author, 1989).
The research projects he conducted on his own or in a team focus on transport economics and politics, development of technical infrastructure, management of supply chains. He was a leader of a Polish team that participated in the Sixth Framework Programme.

Besides research and teaching, prof. Paprocki is actively involved in business practice, both in Poland and abroad. He is a member of executive and supervisory boards of entities in Poland and Germany.

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